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Why We Do This

Go Explore and Get Lost !


We Love to share experience and knowlege between fellow explorers.  

We want to inspire the next generations of adventurers get outside, go explore off the beaten path and experience: 

The thrill of discovery 

The thrill of adventure

Living  simple & self sufficiency

Building life memories and Living life to it's fullest !  

How it came about


Those of us who are explorers and adventure seekers have a drive to see what's around the corner or over the hill which pushes them just a little farther than most.    A group of friends and I have spent more than 25 years exploring the California Sierras, canoe camping remote lakes, discovering hidden ghost towns of Nevada, driving the mountains of Utah and the vast expanses of the Mexican Baja peninsula.  

Over time food preparation evolves along with one's age and becomes more  important.   Our crude food prep. beginnings involved PBJ sandwiches and burning open cans of beans on a fire to go along with our beer.   Over time it evolved into cooking whole turkeys, wonderful Dutch oven creations and even refined formal affairs with tables and china in remote locations.   

Great Food In Wild Places


Merging the love of camping, nature and great food is the motivation for launching Fire Grilling.    We love sharing the enjoyment of great meals in wild places and tools to make it a reality.   Food just tastes so much better enjoyed in the wild, it's the icing on an adventure cake so why not have tools that make it easier?   

Any successful adventure involves a good deal of preparation, outfitting and planning.   Our goal at Fire Grilling is to provide tools that allow back country chefs to make delicious food in wild places.   

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