Fire Grilling Minute: Memphis Style Ribs

Ribs skewered on a Cowboy Kabob cooked over smokey oak, low heat with a dry rub makes for some tasty eating !  

Fire Grilling Minute: Kettle Kabob


Try a new way to cook on your Weber Kettle using the 32" version of the Cowboy Kabob.   Fits perfectly on Weber Kettles and more. 

Fire Grilling Minute: Gaucho Steaks

South American Churrasco style fire grilling is simple fun and delicious! 

Fire Grilling Minute: Bill's Teriyaki Beef

Soaked in juice with a garlic, ginger, and a Sriracha kick, this marinade is self basting and delicious.  

Fire Grilling Minute: Sausage Sandwich

Sausage Sandwiches with Fire Grilled peppers and onions.  The fast and easy camping meal that everyone can enjoy

805 Commercial: Santa Maria Elks Club BBQ

 The Elks club in Santa Maria, CA have perfected the open fire grilling Santa Maria Style BBQ, a tradition passed down for generations. Real Santa Maria Style BBQ is done on a Cowboy Kabob ,