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" I've really enjoyed using the kabobs! I love the length, thickness and the fact that it's square. " -Josh B

"They are for someone who wants skewers that will last a lifetime"  - Nick G.  50 Campfires, The Camping Authority

"Just received my Cowboy Kabobs and I am thrilled. They are super sturdy and very high quality. Have not had a chance to use in 'the field" yet but did do steak and chicken kabobs on my Green Egg smoker. I removed the grill and placed skewers across the opening. Lid still covers and keeps the heat in. I love the square shaft which allows for the 1/4 turns. Kabobs were perfectly cooked! Can't wait to take to the high Sierra's!!  -  Bill E. 


"Goodbye Nasty Grills - So glad to get away from cooking on those nasty community grills.  Nice new addition to my camping gear." - Doug S.

Fire Grilling Minute: Gaucho Steaks

Churrasco Steaks cooked over oak,  Delicious!

Cowboy Campfire Cooking is Fun!

Use the Cowboy Kabob instead of the Campfire Grill. 

The Cowboy Kabob ™ takes the place of the campfire grill, use it as a churrasco sword, meat skewer, kabob skewer, BBQ skewer, vegetable skewer or marshmallow skewer.   It is the expedition sized skewer for open fire cooking.  It’s built tough for use and abuse on your camping excursions and slim enough to slip into tight cargo spaces.  

When your not camping it also can be used in your home gas or wood-fired grill in the rotisserie notches or as a grilling skewer in your a wood-fired pizza oven.   

Makes a Great Present! 

The design is founded on many  years of camping experience while staying true to it's roots from the Cowboys of the American West and the Gouchos of South America

The Cowboy Kabob is the expedition sized grilling skewer for all types of campfire cooking.  Proudly designed and built in the USA. 

The Original Cowboy Kabob Stats:

  • 42" long 1/4" square 18/8 stainless steel blade goes all the way through the handle
  • 8" oak handle keeps your hands safe for easy placement, removal or rotation.   No gloves needed
  • The flat sides of the blade keeps food from spinning and flat sided handle makes for steady 1/4 turn rotation to cook evenly on all sides.
  • Weighs 1 lb or 1/2 Kg
  • Heavy Duty construction

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